Sustainable Development Mapping Assistant

Job Description:

Are you interested in global issues? Do you want to be part of a network of committed international change agents striving to achieve sustainable development? As part of the BC Council for International Cooperation’s internship program we are looking for a Sustainable Development Mapping Assistant.

BCCIC is looking for a qualified volunteer who will play a key role in researching and identifying BC non-profits who are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are setting the agenda for global change over the next 15 years ( and the Sustainable Development Mapping Assistant will gain valuable experience working with the SDG framework as well as practical skills in research, data management and mapping.

This is an ideal opportunity for individuals who are:

  • Passionate about global change
  • Interested in learning more about the international development sector in BC and abroad
  • Interested in learning about and working with the agenda setting Sustainable Development Goals
  • Wanting to gain valuable work experience in the non-profit sector
  • Experienced at working with Excel spreadsheets

BCCIC is looking for a volunteer intern available immediately who can dedicate at least 15 hours a week until April 15th 2016 to carry out the following tasks:

  • Research and documentation of BC non-profits working on each of the SDGs
  • Creation of a google map depicting all BC non-profits working on SDG related issues
  • Creation of an Excel database capturing all BC non-profits working on SDG related issues

In return for donating your time, BCCIC will provide opportunities to:

  • Gain valuable research, data management and mapping experience. logistics and event coordination experience.
  • Be involved in a first of a kind mapping project that will make visible the mosaic of BC non-profits already working on the SDGs in order to increase public support and network building.

Interested individuals are asked to e-mail Dan Harris at and provide a copy of your CV as well as a short (not to exceed one page) statement of interest. Individuals will be contacted and assessed on a rolling basis.


BCCIC is a coalition of British Columbia voluntary international development organizations and provincial branches of such organizations committed to achieving sustainable global development in a peaceful and healthy environment, with social justice, human dignity and participation for all. For more information on BCCIC visit