• Name: PureLoveNow 
  • Location: Penticton, British Columbia 
  • Type: International 
  • Focus Region: Sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Focus Country: Kenya 
  • Sustainable Development Goals: 02, 05, 16 
  • Description:

    Pure L.I.F.E. exists to be the voice for the child prostitutes of Kenya and in the world. We believe as an organization, that being a voice is one of the most effective ways to prevent young teens and children from prostituting their bodies. We believe that just being a voice is NOT enough though. We need to Love them Intentionally For Eternity! We need to teach them life skills that will help them to love themselves and others. They need a place where they can start fresh. A place where noone will judge them or inflict pain on them. A safe place. A place where they can count on school being there even if they don’t have fees for it. A place where they can learn to make money by farming or Hairdressing or mechanics or sewing. A place where they can rely on physical safety. Even a place where they can bring their babies to be cared for while they’re in class. A safe haven of hope.

  • BCCIC Member: No 
  • Website: http://purelovenow.org/ 
  • BC Region: Thompson-Okanagan