PeaceGeeks Youth Network

Geeks Making a Difference

Passionate about addressing international issues from home, the PeaceGeeks Youth Network is made up of students and recent graduates who contribute their skills and time to organizations worldwide to build a greater impact through technology tools. They are graphic designers, software and apps developers, students of business and fine arts, and more, primarily in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. They have played an integral role at PeaceGeeks, a non-profit organization that builds the technological, communications, and management capacities of grassroots organizations working on the promotion of peace, accountability, and human rights.

Examples of the PeaceGeeks Youth Network collaboration work include:
  • Developing a new website and related training for the Centre for Women in Governance, a Ugandan partner which focuses on developing the capacities of local women to run in elections and participate actively in peace processes
  • Organizing a local speaker series, Peace Talks, where experts discuss key issues affecting communities around the world
  • Helping with a hackathon where they collaborate with other similarly skilled youth around the world on projects for PeaceGeeks’ partners
  • Improving the outreach tools and brand identifiers of Egyptian partner HarassMap, which focuses on challenging the social acceptability of sexual harassment in Egypt
  • Working alongside experts and interfacing directly with partners (including youth members at those organizations) to ensure projects get delivered as expected and that partner capacities are being strengthened as needed.
The PeaceGeeks Youth Network is challenging current models of development. They are part of a new model of volunteering where skills and time are given from home in support of groups abroad, while helping these groups to more effectively build their own capacities to address local issues. In working on these projects, members of the Youth Network also recognize that they are learning as much as they are teaching, creating a more collaborative environment for all. They are always looking for innovative ways to solve problems in partnership with PeaceGeeks’ partners abroad, being active agents in creative problem solving internationally.  

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