Navigating Borders Conference

Navigating Borders: A Conference on Migration and Global Poverty
University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
Saturday, October 13, 2012
Volunteer applications are now being accepted for Navigating Borders: A Conference on Migration and Global Poverty, due to take place at UBC Robson Square on Saturday October 13, 2012. An initiative of the Working Group to End Global Poverty and the BC Council for International Cooperation, the day-long conference will host 200 attendees from high schools, post-secondary institutions, and the community to discuss the issues related to migration and global poverty. The event will consist of speakers delivering short, engaging TED-style talks presenting ideas and calls for action, followed by interactive workshops with the speakers and a panel of experts in the field. With the success of last year’s “Food for All!” conference on global poverty and food security, we’re looking forward to presenting an event full of great discussion, debate, and opportunities for implementing solutions and promoting further engagement among participants!
Currently we are looking for volunteers to help with the following roles:
§  School Presentation Ambassadors
§  Registration and Wayfinding
§  Workshop Facilitators
§  Audiovisual Team
§  Logistical Support Team
§  Hospitality and Welcoming Team for Guest Speakers
For more information about the conference, visit our website at: To apply, please submit a 100-150 word summary of your interest, with a description of your suitability for the role(s) you are interested in, as well as mentioning of your related volunteer experience, skills and abilities that you can bring to the position. Applications can be sent to our Volunteer Coordinator, Rachael Chao at, and are to be submitted no later than Tuesday, September 25th.The conference will take place in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, October 13, 2012, to mark World Food Day (October 16th) and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17th).
The Conference:
Our program begins with a keynote speaker who will be followed by four short talks in rapid succession, after which participants will join the speaker of their choice in a 60-minute workshop for a facilitated discussion. The aim of the workshops is to provide an opportunity for participants to engage more deeply with the issues, to explore resolutions to the particular problem at hand, and to generate a tangible plan of action. After lunch, a keynote speaker will set the tone for the second half of the day, and the whole process will repeat.
The goal of the conference is to engage the wider community, and as such, the event will be of interest to anyone concerned with international poverty and human migration issues.