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Meaghan has worked in partnership with local communities, CSOs and the public sector spanning the international development, education, gender equality, environmental and health sectors. Overseas, she’s coordinated gender and food security projects for drought-affected regions of Uganda. Locally, she has worked for over 4 years with First Nations communities in British Columbia to support gender and leadership programming and First Nations-led conservation and economic development initiatives. She has also worked as a Writing Fellow at the University of British Columbia and has a MA with a specialty in Indigenous topics.

Meaghan is a member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation’s Emerging Leaders Network and also serves on a steering committee to oversee a national Status of Women project that supports First Nations youth leaders to combat gendered violence in their communities.

Currently, Meaghan works at one of Canada’s top funded research organizations, coordinating communications of over $100 million in health research annually.


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