Our Members

BCCIC member agencies support projects overseas and/or promote an understanding of global development through education:

Examples are:

  • Overseas projects in the sectors of primary health care, rural and community development, educational support, technical training and small business development.
  • Emergency international relief programs
  • Primary, secondary, post-secondary and community education focusing on global development issues (speakers, workshops and courses, and print and audio-visual materials)
  • Overseas opportunities for BC residents as active participants in development activities
  • Many members focus exclusively on international development, while others include international development as one component among their various objectives.

BCCIC stays in touch with its membership through regularly scheduled membership meetings. If you would like more information about membership with BCCIC, please contact us.

Current Organizational Members

The organizations listed here are all working towards a common purpose - to achieve a more equitable world through their involvement in overseas projects, global education and/or public awareness in British Columbia.

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Africa Community Technical Service (ACTS)

ACTS works to free Ugandans from disease and needless labour through access to clean water. http://acts.ca/what-we-do/


Canadian Network for International Surgery

CNIS aims to improve maternal health increase safety, and promote local capacity through Surgical & Obstetrical Skills training and transfer, Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion initiatives and infrastructure, and Surgical Information systems and technology in low income countries.

Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives, University of Victoria (CAPI)

The Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives was established in 1987 as an important element of the University's plan to expand and strengthen its links with universities and other institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, especially with China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Korea, and the developing island states of the Southwest Pacific. The Centre's primary mandate is to conduct and facilitate research on policy issues related to the Asia-Pacific region.

CoDevelopment Canada (CoDev)

For over 25 years, CoDev has been building partnerships for global justice between people in Canada and Latin America. CoDev works in four program areas, each of which improves the lives of women, workers, and families in Latin America and in Canada. We believe that partnerships between like-minded organizations, in Canada and Latin America can be vehicles for learning, social change, and community empowerment.

Crossroads International - Carrefour International

Our aim is to build a constituency of global citizens committed to voluntarism, international development and social action in the new millennium. We do this by developing partnerships with countries from the South, organizing volunteer cooperative placements and internships, and by educating the public on development issues.

Cuso International

CUSO International's aim is to bring the expertise of those in the global South and Canada together—through volunteer placements, mutual collaboration, training, programming, exchanges, and resource sharing—so both can continue to enhance and grow vital social justice programs for the long-term.

Developing World Connections

It is our mission to be a conduit for hope and for a difference being a made in the world.  We exist to connect regular everyday people with communities in the developing world, to work alongside each other, while experiencing making a real and lasting difference for the benefit of everyone in our global community.

Education Beyond Borders

Education Beyond Borders is a non-profit, non-denominational NGO devoted to closing the education divide through teacher professional development and community education. The organization focuses on the building of teacher leaders and works primarily, but not exclusively, in developing countries, in order to build self-reliance, health, and capacity.

Food for the Hungry (FH) Canada

Food for the Hungry (FH) Canada is a Christian international development agency dedicated to sustainable development worldwide.

Video on branding and organizational identity, as presented by FH Canada.

Global Aid Network Canada (GAiN)

Global Aid Network (GAiN) exists to demonstrate the Love of God, in word and deed, to hurting & needy people around the world through relief and development projects.

Global Stewardship Program -- Capilano University


´╗┐Students who enter the Global Stewardship Program have diverse career goals: international development, (INGOs and IGOs), journalism, teaching, community development, politics, business and nursing, among others.  But what they all share is a desire to make a difference in their world.   Through a unique curriculum combining classroom study and engaged service learning, students learn how to become change makers while completing their first two years of university.

Global Village Nanaimo (GVN)

Global Village Nanaimo's mission is to make educational programming and materials available locally about socio-economic development in Canada and abroad and particularly in developing nations and to encourage individual commitment to simplification of life-styles, and to increase the awareness of the interdependence of life systems.

Grace Rwanda Society

Our Mission: We support sustainable community development by meeting the needs of Rwandan children and youth - giving them the tools to reciprocate further development by educating themselves and others.

Our Vision: Collaborating with communities to promote self-reliance in Africa.

Health for Humanity

Health for Humanity is a volunteer-operated, non-profit, low-overhead, non-denominaitional, grassroots, community-based and fiscally transparent organization that provides health services, health promotion and prevention to marginalized populations in devel

We believe everyone has a right to live in a healthy environment, and the right to health care and education.  We understand that health care means much more than only treating illness or disability.

Our vision is to work with communities to provide the best possible health care in places where there is a need, and together promote health and prevent disease through education and infrastructure projects.


imagine1day is a nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for donors to be directly connected to projects that provide primary education for all children in Ethiopia, Africa.

Justice Education Society of BC

Over the past 18 years, the Justice Education Society has been involved in international projects relating "good governance and democratic institution building." They rely on the best international practices and were developed so they may be adapted to different countries and social contexts. The Society is seen as a leader in Canada, working to engage civil society in the area of justice reform and governance and has won numerous international awards for its innovative programming.

Lotus Outreach Society Canada

Lotus Outreach supports the development of effective grassroots projects in vulnerable communities. Lotus aims to build the capacity and sustainability of our local project partners and aspire to raise awareness in our home countries of the problems presented by poverty throughout Asia.

North Island College International

North Island College is committed to meeting the education and training needs of adults within its service region by providing high quality, affordable, higher education and skills training, collaborating with our partners to create pathways to learning, and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential.

One Sky - Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living

One Sky is a Canadian not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in the province of British Columbia under the Societies act in August 2000. Although some might call us an environmental NGO we like to think of ourselves in broader terms that include human rights, human well-being and even human potential. Others might think of us as a development NGO because we work in developing nations but we like to think we are developing ourselves and searching for mutual solutions in a globalized world.

Oxfam Canada

Oxfam Canada works with people to secure their basic human rights, combining support to long-term development and humanitarian responses with research, advocacy and campaigning against the root causes of poverty and injustice.

Pacific Peoples' Partnership (PPP)

Pacific Peoples’ Partnership is a Victoria-based, international development organization promoting the aspirations of peoples of the South Pacific for peace, security, justice and environmental sustainability.

PeaceGeeks Society

PeaceGeeks empowers grass-roots organizations by building technology partnerships to significantly improve or transform their efforts to promote peace and human rights in developing and conflict affected areas. We see a world where every NGO can leverage technology to achieve lasting peace.

Seva Canada

Seva Canada is an international non-governmental organization whose mission is the elimination of preventable and treatable blindness.

Susila Dharma Canada

Susila Dharma Canada assists locally-initiated development projects on four continents and facilitates Canadians who want to engage in improving conditions for humans and the planet. 

Our mission is to relieve human suffering and promote just and sustainable development through partnerships and support for grassroots, participatory development and humanitarian initiatives; empowering individuals and communities to engage in positive human, social and economic change; and raising awareness of global issues and inter-dependence.

The Didi Society

The Didi Society's mission is to bring positive change to the world based on justice, equality, and fairness. The Didi Society empowers women and aims at improving the lives of women and children worldwide through direct, just trade. We work to increase education and awareness of the challenges and issues facing women and children around the globe. Through direct support, strong relationships, and robust solidarity, The Didi Society helps to bring about positive change that is complete and permanent.

The Kenoli Foundation

The Kenoli Foundation is a Canadian charitable trust whose assets came from the estate of Ken and Oli Johnstone of Vancouver, BC.

The mission of the Foundation is "to help people help themselves to improve the quality of their lives and that of future generations." The primary focus of the foundation is international development.

The Kesho Trust

The Kesho Trust will facilitate and support community led activities that foster positive relationships between local communities and the conservation of their protected areas. These community led activities may include direct conservation measures or processes, sustainable community livelihood initiatives, environmental education and awareness programmes or practices.

The Maria-Helena Foundation

The Maria-Helena Foundation is a small family-based, private, non-sectarian organization that focuses on development in South Asia, primarily Pakistan. Our goal is to reduce poverty by supporting: Education, Skills Training, and Health.

Universal Outreach Foundation

Universal Outreach Foundation, (UOF) is dedicated to helping orphan and vulnerable children break their cycle of poverty through education. We work to strengthen communities through self empowerment, sustainability practices and economic development.

Victoria International Development Education Association (VIDEA)

VIDEA facilitates communication, cooperation and strategic networking among Canadian groups working for global justice, peace and sustainable development, linking local and international issues with community initiatives.

Vivek Educational Foundation of Canada

Vivek Educational Foundation of Canada (VEFC) is an incorporated and registered charitable society in British Columbia, Canada. We have the knowledge, skills, commitment and passion for an integrated approach to rural development projects.

Our Objectives:
1) Advancing education by providing infrastructure in the remote and poor areas for: elementary schools for boys and girls; adult literacy programs, health and nutrition and family planning. Extension education for: poultry farming, environment and sanitation.
2) Alleviating poverty.
3) Empowerment of rural tribal women.
4) Enhancing the role of technology for raising productivity and standard of living.

World Community Development Education Society (WCDES)

The World Community Development Education Society is a group of ordinary people guided by visions of a better world. WCDES was formed to foster awareness in our community of development issues and the links between local and global concerns.

World Neighbours Canada Society

World Neigbours Canada Society is an international, people-to-people organization that supports grass-roots community intiatives to relieve hunger, disease and poverty in Asia and Latin America.

YMCA of Greater Vancouver

We are a charitable association dedicated to the development of people in spirit, mind and body as well as the improvement of local, national and international communities.