Media Resources

This section of the website was created as an accessible How-To Guide for our members, to help build capacity to utilize the media for building a brand, use social media tools and access traditional media with your stories and information.


We have uploaded some podcasts, videos, case studies, media lists and other resources which we hope will help you to reach your target audience in creative and tangible ways.


Public engagement is a never-ending process of discovery, learning and growth - and this pool of resources is one way that BCCIC is supporting its members to get stronger and learn new ways to communicate important messages about our vital, collective work.

BCCIC would like to thank Damian Piper, Media & Communications Intern from June to December 2010, for putting these resources together and creating this web page full of tools, ideas, advice and good practices.


Todd Foley from Food for the Hungry gives an indepth look about how FH Canada redefined their image and created a brand for the organization.
Branding and Organizational Identity

Barb Kruger from Partners for Prosperity gives a case study about using the media as a tool for Youth Empowerment.
Youth Engagement and Empowerment

Sasha Caldera from Engineers Without Borders gives a talk about how EWB engages youth, and some of their specific outreach techniques.
Youth Engagement and Outreach

Jered Love and Leigh Boyle from Imagine1Day give a presentation on story telling, explain what Creatribution is and how it effectively empowers people to be the change they want to see in the world.
Story Telling Creatribution and The Message


What is a podcast ?  Why should you be using them ? 
Spread your message virally, and you'll never know who picks them up.

BCCIC's Media Resources Podcasts have been made possible with the help of organizations such as SEVA Canada, Amnesty International, CoDevelopment Canada, The Justice Education Society, Results, CUSO-VSO, Food For the Hungry, Imagine1Day, the Pacific Peoples Partnership and Innovative Communities.

They're done in a radiostyle interview and examine how these organizations operate, and use the media for public engagement.
Interviews and Podcasts

Social Media

In this section of the website, you'll find resources explaining social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, as well as an interview with Joey Chopra who gives an indepth analysis of the benefits of social media when it comes to engaging new audiences.  
Social Media

Traditional Media

We have a list of articles and resources on building capacity, getting your stories into the news, radio advertising and many others all right here.
Traditional Media

Amnesty International has an incredible "How-To" press release kit.
How To Write A Press Release

Media Contact List