Kaleidoscope Video Challenge


What a wonderful opportunity to view all these creative and inspired videos by our local youth for the 2011 Kaleidoscope Real World Video Challenge! It was refreshing to see how engaged and insightful all of our up-and-coming global activists are in the crucial social and global issues that affect us all.

In total, eleven videos came from all across BC in two categories, 13 and under and 14 to18.  Each of the two categories included a grand prize winner of $500 or a video camera, and a runner-up winner of $200. On top of this, each category also awarded two video teams with a Community Involvement & Direct Action award of $100.  An honoary provincial People's Choice Award was also given, according to the highest number of online votes received.  The winner in each age category will also attend a national gala and workshop in Ottawa with the winners from the other provinces at the end of September.

The talents and efforts of these young creative minds made it very difficult to award winners.  The topics ranged from animal cruelty, global warming, environmental advocacy and community engagement. We were impressed with the creative use of media presented by all of the entries. Some videos included peer and teacher interviews, music, informative slides, animation, graphics, and photography to capture the issues at hand. Overall, the videos did a good job in showing how committed BC's youth are to projecting change for their communities and spurring personal growth within.

After ranking the videos using an online survey tool called Survey Monkey, the four juror members and one BCCIC staff met in person to collaboratively discuss which filmmakers would be the winners. This was a challenging process, since all of the entries presented their socially-conscience topic in a unique and fun way!  In the end, BC's award winnners were:

13 & Under
Winner:  "Be the Change", David Krismer, Comox, BC    Runner Up:  "How Global Warming Effects Our Environment", Megan Greensill & Layla Graffi, Victoria, BC  Community Involvement & Direct Action: "Animal Cruelty", Cara Jacobsen, Reeva Billy and Lauren Lintott, North Vancouver, BC

14 to 18
Winner:  "The Art of Consumption", Alan Ross, Dante Fengler and Matthew Voiles, North Vancouver, BC    Runner Up:  "The Secret Life of Garbage", Larissa and Emily Melville, Campbell River, BC  Community Involvement & Direct Action:  "Enviro-Vikes", NVSS Enviro-Vikes, Vanderhoof, BC

BC People's Choice Award:  "The Art of Consumption", Alan Ross, Dante Fengler and Matthew Voiles, North Vancouver, BC

The national People's Choice Award will be given at the national Kaleidscope gala and workshop for the regional winners at the end of September in Ottawa.

Congratulations to all of the filmmakers who submitted! You show how each of us can be a Real World Challenger!

- Natasha Pirani & Selina Crammond, Kaleidoscope Video Challenge BC Judges


BCCIC would like also to thank the jurors for their time.  See below to find out more about them!  

BC Kaleidoscope Jury 2011:

Lazarina Todorova, Independent Media Maker, Vancouver. Lazarina works at the nexus of media and social change, focusing on issues as diverse as environmental sustainability, human rights, and education & gender equity. She has worked with NGOs on advocacy and outreach efforts as well as documenting their international cooperation initiatives in Afghanistan, Panama, and Albania.  She is also an individual BCCIC member and has worked with BCCIC on creating social media and on youth video workshop curriculum development. Some of her other passions include alternative health and sustainable living solutions.

Natasha Pirani, African Canadian Continuing Education Society (ACCES, www.acceskenya.org), Vancouver.  Natasha is majoring in International Studies at Simon Fraser University with a focus on International Development, Economic and Environmental Issues.  In the past she has participated in volunteer projects, one of which focused on the prevention of HIV/AIDS in Ghana, West Africa.  Currently she is the Office Administrator for BCCIC member ACCES whose work is based in the rural region of Kakamega in Kenya, East Africa.  She spends her free time volunteering for Fair Trade Vancouver, loves cooking and makes an excellent butter chicken .

Ryan Cadamia, Victoria International Development Education Association (VIDEA, www.videa.ca), Victoria.
As a Digital Connections Project Officer for BCCIC member VIDEA, Ryan engages with youth both locally and abroad using new media, aiming to inspire young people to become more engaged in their world and community. Ryan has been involved in both youth work and media technologies for almost ten years, including as a Support Worker for at-risk youth and as a Recording Technician for Power to Change in which he traveled extensively recording media-based educational materials for tribes across Africa.  He also plays drums in a band .

Selina Crammond, Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society (www.intersectionsmedia.com), Vancouver.  Selina has mentored at-risk youth in filmmaking skills for the past two years as Program Coordinator at Intersections. Currently she is also facilitating a group of high school students in media production for the Museum of Vancouver's first Youth Council exhibit. Selina has a BA in Communication, Art and Technology from Simon Fraser University. When she isn't working with youth, she is busy working on her first feature documentary and playing drums in an experimental rock band.

2008 National Finalists

View videos online at http://www.videochallenge.ca/juryvote.html.

  • Sarah Burge (13-18) for Global Issues - Vancouver, BC
  • Yelena Cerezke-Riemer (8-12) for Global WarNing - Edmonton, AB
  • Sierra Dakin Kuiper (13-18) for The Global Water Crisis - Lethbridge, AB
  • Mr. Wagner's Class at St. Angela School (8-12) for We Still Have a Dream - Saskatoon, SK
  • Joel Entwistle & Maxim Gertier-Jaffe (13-18) for Love to Love You Landfills - Saskatoon, SK
  • Cecil Rhodes School Video Club (8-12) for It's in the Bag - Winnipeg, MB
  • Margaret Barbour Photo Course (13-18) for Global Water Shortages - The Pas, MB
  • Jennifer Paul and Kevin Sayachareun ( 13-18) for Change - Brampton, ON
  • Annette Street Media Club (8-12) for Raise Your Voice - Toronto, ON
  • Gabriel Fournier Filion (13-18) for Vous n'êtes pas seuls - Montreal, PQ
  • Thinh Nguyen, Thao Nguyen and Christian Riley (8-12) for Your Choice - Dartmouth, NS
  • Cape Breton Highlands Academy's Enviro Club (13-18) for Whatever vs. Who Stops to Pick Up a Penny? - Terre Noir, NS


The 2008-09 Kaleidoscope Real World Video Challenge was a national video contest for youth. Youth under 18 from across Canada were invited to submit a video less than five minutes long to the Kaleidoscope Real World Video Challenge on one of the Millennium Development Goals. The first place regional winners in each age category received a video camera or $1000 prize. National winners will be present in Ottawa to show their videos.

"Kaleidoscope has been remarkably popular with nearly 100 videos received nationwide," says Brie Rehbein, Project Coordinator. "Entries covered diverse topics from gender equality to universal education, attesting that Canadian youth are actively thinking about and involved in global issues."

Kaleidoscope 2008 poster

To find out more on upcoming Video Challenges, please contact BCCIC at info@bccic.ca.



Claymation Workshop:

As part of 2008-09 Kaleidoscope Real World Video Challenge, Reel Youth in partnership with BCCIC hosted a free claymation workshop for children aged 8-12, on February 29th, 2008. The children explored stop-motion animation and learned to make short animations about their visions for a better world. Kaleidoscope also facilitated workshops from Victoria to Kelowna.

BCCIC collaborated with REEL Youth, on creating claymation films on the Millennium Development Goals. REEL youth facilitated two workshops; one with kids from 8 – 12 years old at Sundance Elementary School in Victoria and another one with the same age group of kids in Vancouver.

Claymation Reel Youth

The videos are available to view below or on BCCIC's YouTube channel.

Polar Meltdown

The Mystery Of Mom

There Is No Difference
Foxes In Danger