Interviews and Podcasts

Not sure what a podcast is ?  Or how useful it might be for you ?
Jayne Cravens started Coyote Communications, she's a veteran in the industry and her website is dedicated as an online database of resources and information with tools for working with the media.
She's got an article on what Podcasting can do for NGO's and why it's worth exploring.

Below is a list of Interviews and Podcasts with several of BCCIC's long established members and a brief description of some of the topics we cover.

Including interviews with:

SEVA Canada, Amnesty International, CoDevelopment Canada, The Justice Education Society, Results, CUSO-VSO, Food For the Hungry, Imagine1Day, the Pacific Peoples Partnership and Innovative Communities.

CoDevelopment Canada

Kyla Epstein is the Administrative Director at CoDevelopment Canada.

They're a non-profit who work for social change and global education in the America's. They partner with local grass roots groups to make change and influence policy making.
We talk about being the Vancouver host for the Travelling World Film Festival based out of the Comox Valley, that's begun spreading around the world, and how they began to market it around town.  

You'll also get to hear about surefire methods of stewardship with donors.
We delve into Café Ético, an incredible initiative to build lasting relationships with coffee farmers in Latin America. You should definitely tune in !

Food For The Hungry

Todd Foley is the Communications Coordinator from Food for the Hungry.

Food for the Hungry is a multi-million dollar non-profit organization that operates multi-faceted programming in a number of countries around the world.
We talk about the importance of self-identity and conveying the right message to your audience.
How Facebook Advertising worked for them, and the Poverty Revolution.  Listen.


Jered Love is the Community Leader from Imagine1Day.

You've never met anybody like these guys. Imagine1Day, takes everything you thought you know about how a non-profit works, and throws it out the window.

You're going to hear about Creatribution, exactly what it is, and how it can connect with anybody.
Some of what you might hear in this interview is so far from left field, it's out of the ball-park. 

But it works.  We also talk about the Gerambero Community School Project in Ethiopia and sustainable community building and you can hear it all right here.


Umeeda Switlo is the Public Engagement Officer from CUSO-VSO.
CUSO-VSO has been delivering stories from the field for sometime.  With direct podcasts, and videos shot on location in some of the most complicated climates of the world, the volunteer service organization really knows how to spread the message.

We get indepth about podcasts, and why they're important.

What Media Atlas is, and avoiding re-inventing the wheel.  CUSO-VSO.

Joey Chopra was an intern at the time at the CUSO offices, she's doing her master's in Public Policy at Simon Fraser and she's a social media guru.  We had to give her her own interview you can check in the social media section.

Amnesty International

Don Wright is the Pacific Regional Coordinator from Amnesty International.

We cover a lot of territory in this one, Don talk's about how to personalize a story, and make a local connection.  We also talk about how to build relationships with the Traditional Media.  And how an organization like Amnesty stays connected with such a large framework, operating all over the world.  This is something you don't want to miss, all you have to do, is click right here.

The Justice Education Society

Kevin Smith is the Communications Officer at the Justice Education Society.
We met at their offices in the Law Courts building of downtown Vancouver.
We talked about the importance of Brand Identity, especially when you're dealing with a name change.

How they've begun utilizing Twitter, and choose target audiences when they're prioritizing stories.

Give it a listen.

 SEVA Canada

SEVA Canada is visionary on the forefront of restoring sight and preventing blindness in the developing world.
They work in areas such as Guatemala, Nepal and Tibet offering eye care solutions to some of the most vulnerable populations of the world.

Heather Wardle is the Director of Development at SEVA Canada, and I met with her to discuss their success with online video and spreading the message virally.

As well as some of their innovative public engagement campaigns.

Results Canada

Results Canada is an NGO dedicated to advocacy and creating the political will to end hunger and abolish poverty.
Anita Mark is the BC regional coordinator, and I met her in Victoria to discuss how the organization operates and the success of their letter writing campaigns.

Results successful works together as chapter members from across the country engage in letter writing campaigns monthly to publish Letters to the Editor and OP-EDs, into major news publications on the topics of micro-credit, sanitation, maternal health and many other development issues.

Pacific Peoples Partnership

I met April Ingham, the Executive Director of the Pacific Peoples Partnership in Victoria to get a real insider perspective on how they get the message out there.
Just taking over operations, as the organization turned 35.

I asked her about how they utilize the media for some of the events they put on such as the Pacific Wayfinders Conference, or the One Wave Festival.

She's also got a background as a Producer for the Indigenous show "The New Canoe".

And creditted as being a part of the development team for the online database First Voices. An archive centre for cultures across the globe who are facing the loss of language.

Innovative Communities

Innovative Communities takes everything you thought you knew about how a non-profit should operate.
And completely re-invents your world.

THE ICO puts an emphasis on the importance of interpersonal relationships. They bring people who want to mak positive social changes, together and foster those relationships.
The method of operation they endure, promotes creativity and innovation in the people who are involved. relationships develop and people realize they have common interests which can be contributed together to pursue change.

The unique difference about ICO is that they don't have any employees. The entire organization is volunteer run, and every penny %100 of donations goes into their initiativies and fighting poverty.
Everything is done online.
They don't even have a physical office environment.
It's almost as if they don't exist.
Yet they are creating change, in ways that was previously never thought possible.
John Mitchell is one half the founding members of the ICO, and he is the President of Foundation and Chairman of the board.

And you must listen to this man speak.