International Development Week 2010

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"You’re never too young or too old to get involved in international development. The first step is to find your passion, and then find a way to express that passion by becoming part of a group, starting a club, or writing for a newspaper...It could also be more creative, like writing a song about the issue and performing it. If you have a talent, use it to get the message across."

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Jeff Geipel

“I want people to realize that coffee doesn’t come from the coffee shop but from a farmer in Latin America or Africa, that their cell phone is made from minerals extracted in the Congo, that everything comes from somewhere. I want people to start asking these questions about every product: where does it come from, how is it made, and is it ethical?”

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Jeff G

Rachel M

"The greatest impediment to social change is people’s lack of belief in themselves and their capabilities. A lot of people are scared to believe how great they can be. So just accept your greatness and do something!”

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"We live in a society where we’re easily distracted, with the phone, with running from meeting to meeting. People put off spending time with family and friends, and with themselves. I wish we could all contribute better to society, that we could be better at interacting with other people."

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Sonya S

“I had a gut feeling that out there somewhere, there is a person just like me who is suffering in a situation that they cannot control, a situation they were born into, without choice. I got to thinking that if I were that person, I would want someone fighting for me, someone who was able to, who had the resources, the skills, and the ability. And I knew that in just acting on that gut feeling, I could be all of those things: a voice, a resource, some hope.”

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“I am passionate about creating community, whether that means at a neighbourhood or global level. When people here in Canada see inequality, it’s usually through the media and it’s ‘othered.’ You don’t hear people’s stories, and you don’t interact with their lives. But as soon as you speak to someone, hear their story and share your own, you see that we’re all just people, and you become inspired to do something.”

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Matthew W

“You have a choice. You can either spend six hours playing video games, or you can get involved and work for change.” 

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“Start right where you are – you don’t have to leave the country to get involved. Volunteer on local projects that address the needs of your own community, and this will give you the experience and understanding to be able to enable other communities to develop themselves effectively.”

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Kat Z