HLPF 2017 Civil Society and Youth Delegate Participation – An ICN Synthesis Report

Attached is a synthesis report of the CSO and youth delegate participation at the 2017 HLPF.  The ICN had advocated for a very long time for civil society and youth representation on official Canadian delegations to international meetings, and the HLPF 2017 was the first occasion that this call was heard and launched back to the ICN to manage the selection process.​
The report includes: 
1. An outline of the ICN’s role, process, and resources invested,
2. A summary of the experience and outcomes of the CSO representatives and youth participation as official delegates,
3. Recommendations for similar processes in the future, for the organizing entity, GAC, as well as future CSO and youth delegates.
The report was informed by the ICN’s own experience, reports submitted by the four delegates to the ICN (as part of their agreement with the ICN), as well as their feedback through a satisfaction survey.