About the Host Organization – Lake Bunyonyi Development Company (LBDC) was created to address the environmental impact of farming around Lake Bunyonyi in the south-western corner of Uganda. For more information: Roles & Responsibilities There is one position as an Ecotourism Project Ofcer with LBDC. In this role, the intern will support an environmentally sensitive community-based ecotourism project.

The intern will be expected to:

• Assist LBDC staf in the planning and management of Bushara Island Camp, a sustainable, community-based ecotourism site;

• Conduct community-sensitive tours for visitors around Lake Bunyonyi;

• Develop marketing and promotional materials for Bushara Island;

• Contribute practical training for the hospitality students;

• Contribute Canadian environmental best practice and develop workshops in sustainable development and resource management for visitors;

• Conduct HIV/ADIS education workshops and/or swimming lessons for youth;

• Create and compile a history of Bushara Island Camp for sharing with visitors;

• Be available and flexible to support all other areas of work within the overseas host organization;

• Deliver individual public engagement (PE) activities and take part in VIDEA (PE) activities;

• Act as an ambassador for VIDEA;

Position Qualifications

All prospective interns must meet the basic eligibility criteria for IYIP in addition to the following qualifications the Ecotourism Project Ofcer will:

• Hold a degree in Natural Resource Management, Development, Tourism, or related field;

• Must be willing to live in a remote setting without internet access;

• Experience working in hospitality or site management;

• Experience in ecotourism, sustainable development, and/or natural resource management;

• Demonstrate excellent interpersonal group facilitation and planning skills;

• Experience in community development;

Additionally, applicants need to be able to demonstrate the above qualifications through previous work, volunteer, or personal experience.

About the Location and Support – This intern will be based on Bushara Island in southern Uganda, close to the border with Rwanda. This placement is remote, rural and isolated. Interns should be comfortable living and working on a very small island (30 minute walk around), together with the same co-intern and local colleagues every day. Access to internet will be very limited, and interns may encounter periods of electricity outage. While there are flush toilets on the island, most of the time interns will be using composting toilets. There is no access to shops, cafés, or entertainment, other than activities offered on the island. There is 1 restaurant on the island.

Interns will be supported by host organization staf and VIDEA staf in Uganda and Canada. To apply – submit a completed application form (can be found here under To Apply) and resume as one pdf file to Hillary Ronald at and Rohan Stritch at by Saturday, November 7th.

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