CIDA Capacity-Building Workshops


CIDA's Voluntary Sector Fund/Program in collaboration with the Centre for Intercultural Learning and provincial and regional councils delivered a series of workshops for NGO partners. These aim to strengthen the organizations’ project design and operational capacity, focusing on sustainable human development.


Advancing Equality between Women and Men

Strengthening Project/Program Design and Operational Capacity for Canadian NGOs
April 29-30, 2009

BCCIC in collaboration with CIDA, and the Centre for Intercultural Learning, offered a 2-day course entitled Advancing Equality between Women and Men: Strengthening Project/Program Design and Operational Capacity for Canadian NGOs. 21 organizations - including four from Alberta, came together at Simon Fraser University’s Segal School of Business. The two facilitators, Darren Brown and Manuela Petersen, have extensive experience in developing and delivering participatory training for cross cultural contexts. The training is delivered in major cities across Canada hosted by the Provincial or Regional Councils for International Cooperation.

The course evaluations indicated that the participants liked the practical applications, the sharing of ideas, and the diversity of learning styles. They learned a great deal surrounding gender analysis including how to use gender equity principals and the framework for assessing gender equality results. The participants received a course binder with extensive reference materials and tools. This includes CIDA’s Policy on Gender Equality and the Framework for Assessing Gender Equality Results. Participants also gained greater insights on the convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly, and the Platform for Action adopted by governments of all countries at the UN World Conference on Women held in Beijing, China. The gender and cultural diversity amongst the participants provided for interesting dialogue and viewpoints.


Results-based Management

October 15-17, 2008

The Results-based Management workshop included participants from more than 20 BC organizations

Results Based Management Training: One Perspective
By Rosanna Hille, BCCIC Individual Member

October 15-17, 2008 I attended the Results Based Management (RBM) training in Vancouver which was funded by CIDA, delivered by Center for Intercultural Learning (CIL) and sponsored by BCCIC. I have attendedother workshops in Vancouver to help NGOs work effectively with CIDA and they were all useful for my work as a Director of a small Canadian NGO, and as a freelance consultant building capacity around global issues and NGO development. Since 1993 I have worked to support development projects initiated and implemented by overseas partners; currently I do not work with any CIDA funded projects that require RBM.

I found the training session comprehensive in terms of understanding RBM, with theory and practice built into the learning process. I appreciated the increased level of interaction between participants this time, and I credit this with the excellent CIL facilitation style of Normande Hebert and Dwayne Hodgson. I see this work as difficult at the best of times and I feel good results are heavily reliant on successful human relationships. Learning from each other and strengthening the BC network of NGOs serves us all and helps us understand more about how to network internationally. I think strengthening the regional international development network as an important role for BCCIC.

RBM is a rigorous process and an excellent framework for planning and tracking development results, also for NGOs that do not require it. It is my intention with this improved understanding of RBM to assist NGOs to become more effective. I am especially interested in cultural adaptation of RBM training to make it useful for project implementation, but also to strengthen understanding between intercultural partners. Thanks to CIDA, CIL and BCCIC for bringing this learning opportunity to BC NGOs whose successful work, whether receiving CIDA funding or not, represents Canada abroad.



Voluntary Sector Capacity Development: Promoting Effective Partnerships with CIDA

March 28-30, 2007

The aim of the workshop was to assist Canadian partners to prepare better proposals to the Voluntary Sector Fund.  Proposals to VSF are expected to arrive at CIDA complete and better adapted to the reality of CIDA's funding criteria.The workshop offered a better understanding of CIDA's information requirements and systems so as to help reporting by NGOs.

This was the identical workshop that was previously offered in fall in each province. The Western regional workshop was a chance for organizations from Manitoba to BC who were unable to attend the previous one to participate.

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