Emerging Leaders Gathering

Where does one go to learn about community? How do we build and strengthen communities? Is that a priority in our lives? Why or why not? Is community building an end or a means? In the midst of my pondering, this arrived in my inbox:

Emerging Leaders Gathering 100 Mile House, Educo Adventure School
August 21-August 23 2010

Development Drinks, May 21 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of development drinks, the follow-up.

You can find lovely photos here. There's even a video of the MCs and several brave audience volunteers doing a swing-dance demonstration to promote BCCIC's upcoming fundraiser (June 11, Maritime Labour Centre, more details here), with Darlene guiding us through it. 

Development Buzzed!

There's nothing quite like being surrounded by drinks, tortilla chips, and 70 of your closest international developmentally-minded friends. And there were also speakers to get us thinking about something other than the weekend...

World Water Day 2010

March 22 is World Water Day! World Water Day is a United Nations designation meant to draw attention to global water quality issues.

The World Water Day 2010 theme is Water Quality and the slogan is "Clean Water for a Healthy World". UNEP is the UN agency leading on World Water Day this year.

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