• Community Portals & The SDGs

    With any serious discussion of the current civil-society landscape, it doesn’t take long for the sentiments of ‘collaboration’ or ‘breaking out of organizational silos’ to be expressed. There is no shortage of reports or surveys to articulate why such a shift in the status-quo is so desperately needed, but if you push the conversation a […]

  • NEW! BCCIC ‘Where Canada Stands’ report for HLPF 2017

    In Where Canada Stands, BCCIC evaluates Canada’s progress on the seven UN Sustainable Development Goals under review at the 2017 High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). Although Canada is not submitting a Voluntary National Review (VNR) this year, the report provides a civil society perspective on how Canada is doing, how we can improve, and where we […]

  • BC2030 Election Toolkit

    The member organisations that comprise BCCIC are diversely engaged in the many aspects of sustainable development, but share a common directive. That is, members constitute organisations, groups, and individuals based in British Columbia who support projects overseas and/or promote an understanding of global citizenship through related work within the province. The Council’s members are all […]

  • ICN National Submission to the CRA’s Consultation on the Political Activities of Charities

    The Inter-Council Network of Provincial and Regional Councils (ICN) has submitted to the CRA’s consultation on the political activities of charities.  This submission, prepared by Krista Dinsmore, Marie-Audrey Girard and Deborah Glaser, is based on data from the ICN-CCIC survey conducted in October and represents areas of apparent consensus. It sets out 4 overarching recommendations […]

  • Is it time for the Maple Berets?

    What if the Department of National Defence trained Canadian youth in conflict prevention and sent them to overseas conflict zones?