Canadian Network for International Surgery

CNIS aims to improve maternal health increase safety, and promote local capacity through Surgical & Obstetrical Skills training and transfer, Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion initiatives and infrastructure, and Surgical Information systems and technology in low income countries.

Vancouver, BC

The Kesho Trust

The Kesho Trust will facilitate and support community led activities that foster positive relationships between local communities and the conservation of their protected areas. These community led activities may include direct conservation measures or processes, sustainable community livelihood initiatives, environmental education and awareness programmes or practices.

Sidney, BC

Engineers Without Borders Canada – Vancouver Chapter

EWB formed in 2000 and is now one of Canada’s most respected development agencies. Launched on university campuses, there are now over 30 chapters with over 30,000 members. EWB Vancouver was launched in September 2005 as one of the four original professional chapters.

Vancouver, BC
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