The Didi Society

The Didi Society's mission is to bring positive change to the world based on justice, equality, and fairness. The Didi Society empowers women and aims at improving the lives of women and children worldwide through direct, just trade. We work to increase education and awareness of the challenges and issues facing women and children around the globe. Through direct support, strong relationships, and robust solidarity, The Didi Society helps to bring about positive change that is complete and permanent.

Victoria, BC

World Community Development Education Society (WCDES)

The World Community Development Education Society is a group of ordinary people guided by visions of a better world. WCDES was formed to foster awareness in our community of development issues and the links between local and global concerns.

Courtenay, BC

The Kesho Trust

The Kesho Trust will facilitate and support community led activities that foster positive relationships between local communities and the conservation of their protected areas. These community led activities may include direct conservation measures or processes, sustainable community livelihood initiatives, environmental education and awareness programmes or practices.

Sidney, BC

Seva Canada

Seva Canada is an international non-governmental organization whose mission is the elimination of preventable and treatable blindness.

Vancouver, BC

Crossroads International - Carrefour International

Our aim is to build a constituency of global citizens committed to voluntarism, international development and social action in the new millennium. We do this by developing partnerships with countries from the South, organizing volunteer cooperative placements and internships, and by educating the public on development issues.

Toronto, ON
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