The Wave

  • 2018 New Years Message from BCCIC

    One year ago, in my last New Year’s Message, you may recall that I pined for a sign of good faith from the Trudeau government and in particular from our Minister of International Development and La Francophonie – Madame Bibeau.  I am happy to report that 2017 was a pivotal year between the government of […]

  • Climate Finance at COP23: Tracking Global Progress and Canada’s Contributions

    When discussing the multifaceted approach needed to tackle climate change, the importance of transparent and equitable climate finance cannot be overstated. Countries who are particularly vulnerable to the increasing frequency of climate-related disasters need to be financially equipped to handle mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damage needs. Developed countries have historically contributed most to the […]

  • Three ways in which the 2030 Agenda can deepen existing local organizing

    Written by Dan Harris, Program Officer BCCIC Dec 11, 2017 When it comes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the message from civil society in British Columbia is clear – “We’re already doing it”. From this perspective, the question is not how to move from policy to implementation but how Agenda 2030 can support existing […]

  • Canada, an international leader for the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in climate action?

    One of Canada’s priorities for COP23, the latest series of United Nations global meetings on climate change, was to see through the successful operationalization of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples platform (LCIP platform).  Canada’s aim was to advance the participation of Indigenous Peoples in United Nations climate change processes.  Given the COP23 decision on […]

  • BCCIC Members Connect in Tanzania

    A connection made at BCCIC turned into a beautiful moment in Morogoro, Tanzania. Linda Ryder and Lonny Chen instantly connected at 2016’s BCCIC AGM through their love of Tanzania and the Kiswahili language. One year later, they met again when Linda’s Team Tanzania 2017 from For the Love of Africa (FTLOA) Society visited Lonny’s Morogoro […]

  • Moving toward more meaningful civil society engagement

    “So… what exactly do you do at COP?” I can’t recall how many times people have asked me this question. As a two-time NGO observer to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, I have always answered “to observe, obviously” to these questions. But is it really that simple? Society is generally thought  of as having […]

  • Youth Engagement – More than Just Photo Ops

    My name is Joelle Moses. I am a university student, who was humbled with the opportunity to attend COP23, on the BC Council for International Co-operation’s Youth Delegation. COP, or ‘Conference of Parties,’ is an annual meeting where world leaders gather to progress climate action under the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. One of […]

  • Why the oceans need to be a mainstream topic in UN climate negotiations

    Keila is a Marine Biology student at the University of British Columbia, and was a youth delegate to COP23 with the BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC)   The planet is getting warmer, and will continue to do so indefinitely. Within the United Nations climate change discussions, world leaders, scientific experts, industry stakeholders, and civil […]