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The Work of Racial Justice: Deepening Our Capacity

Thursday, May 25, 2017
– Saturday, May 27, 2017

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

At this sociopolitical moment, the flames of racism are being widely fueled and fanned. It is a time of much pain, anger, confusion and uncertainty. And it is a time for deepening our commitment to personal and social transformation. 

If we are to seriously and continuously work for racial equity, we need to build our recognition of the nuances of racism and develop our skills and stamina to interrupt them. We also need to recognize that the impacts of this sociopolitical moment are not the same for people of color and white people. Therefore, key aspects of resistance work are also not the same and need to be done separately. People of color need fellowship, a safe space to heal and work on internalized oppression, and a reprieve against the relentless pressures of white supremacy. White people need to see how white supremacy has shaped them and build their ability to recognize and interrupt its manifestations within themselves, their relationships, and institutions. In recognition of these differences, many components of our work in this retreat will be done in affinity groups. Overall, this retreat will include awareness building, personalized coaching from a multi-racial team, and identifying next steps for anti-racist action and practice.

To register or for more information, email leanne@leadingfromheart.org

During our time together you will:

• Understand racial power dynamics and our positions within them.

• Identify the skills needed to consciously and constructively interrupt racism from these positions

• Practice self-care techniques for balance when feeling hooked.

•Spend significant time in affinity groups.

• Receive personalized coaching.

• Work with both cross-racial and same-race facilitation team configurations.

• Learn about identity development models and their use to help us process our emotions and responses.

• Possibly engage in interracial dialogues, depending on the group’s racial demographics This retreat is best suited for people with a basic understanding of the reality of institutionalized racism.

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The Whidbey Institute
6449 Old Pietila Rd
Clinton, Washington 98236

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