BCCIC Members


As a coalition of member agencies and individuals sharing a mission statement BCCIC actively seeks new members and partnerships with other civil society coalitions to collaborate on specific issues.

With BCCIC Membership you receive the following benefits:

  • BCCIC is a member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), which means BC members are part of the national NGO community through this membership in CCIC;
  • BCCIC distributes up to date analysis of development received from CCIC and CIDA;
  • Higher profile though active participation in the work of the Council and its governance;
  • Participating in peer sharing and learning on best practices and tools, including development effectiveness and public engagement;
  • Members have access to and contribute towards developing a central resource base of speakers, printed resources, etc.;
  • Networking with colleagues to avoid duplication, to develop new ideas, partnerships and to maintain spirits;
  • Joint consultations on development issues means sharing, exchanging information, and providing a BC perspective on development issues to the Federal and BC Provincial governments.
  • BCCIC News, the Council's Newsletter, and the electronic BCCIC Info Log. BCCIC News is distributed every month nationally to government, institutes and agencies and includes member agency profiles.

To join BCCIC as an individual or an organization, please download the appropriate form below and return it to the address indicated.

If you would like more information or have other questions regarding membership, please contact us. You can view our complete list of member organizations here.

BCCIC member agencies support projects overseas and/or promote an understanding of global development through education:

Examples are:

  • Overseas projects in the sectors of primary health care, rural and community development, educational support, technical training and small business development.
  • Emergency international relief programs
  • Primary, secondary, post-secondary and community education focusing on global development issues (speakers, workshops and courses, and print and audio-visual materials)
  • Overseas opportunities for BC residents as active participants in development activities
  • Many members focus exclusively on international development, while others include international development as one component among their various objectives.

BCCIC stays in touch with its membership through regularly scheduled membership meetings. If you would like more information about membership with BCCIC, please contact us.