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Request for Feedback : Post-2015 Development Agenda - Government of Canada Priorities

DFATD is requesting feedback on the Government of Canada’s Post-2015 priorities. A feedback form on these Canadian priorities is now live on the DFATD website. Feedback forms will be accept through the website portal from April 7 to May 8, 2015.BCCIC encourages all members to engage with this feedback process.

BCCIC Releases Ebola Policy Brief : Impact and Recommendations for Future Response

Since January, BCCIC has been holding a series of roundtables throughout the province that brought together local dignitaries, health officials, medical
professionals, civil society, academics, and concerned global citizens to contribute to the formulation of a document that articulates British Columbians’ recommendations around this issue.

The recent Ebola crisis has exposed the weaknesses in the health systems of the three most affected countries – Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone – and has exposed the challenges of both humanitarian response and long-term development priorities. This policy brief focuses on the impact of the virus and recommendations for future response.

The Sustainable Development Goals


Reflections from Michael Simpson, Executive Director, BCCIC

Our species has managed to grow in both size and complexity. We are not bad at setting targets and achieving them. We have walked on the moon, landed technology on Mars and managed to prove the Higgs Boson with the Large Hadron Collider, pushing our curiosity to the outer and inner limits of the physical universe. But we still have over a billion people living in poverty, inequality still defines our gender perspective and conflict and environmental challenges threaten the foundation of our species well- being. While we may have explored the limits of the physical universe there is much work to do to refine our thinking and our shared ethics. Our minds remain an ongoing challenge, common values elude us and challenges such as climate change that can only be tackled through the global commons have yet to be solved. There has been no shortage of goal setting when it comes to defining the well-being of our species. These common global goals are a matter of mind, opinion and perspective

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